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Best Cheap Camera for Photography

There is nothing like spending time in nature taking pictures. There is so much to see, and it can be incredibly quiet and rewarding. Whether it is stunning vistas, wild animals, or miniature details, you can capture some amazing pictures in the great outdoors. However, having the right equipment is important for a successful nature photography shoot. You need to be well prepared, and you need to have a good camera that is up to the task. Here in this article, we are going to cover the best cheap camera for photography.

alt="Best Cheap Camera for Photography"

Canon EOS M100

The Canon EOS M100 is our pick for the best price budget entry-level mirrorless camera. Your money gives you a reasonable 15-45mm lens as well as a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sized sensor, 6.1fps burst shooting, camera body with relatively fast autofocus speed and Wii + Bluetooth connectivity. There are several native Canon EF-M lenses available, plus you can buy an adapter that offers compatibility with Canon’s wide range of DSLR lenses. It is very light at 10.7 ounces (body only). You will get an average of 295 shots on a single charge, which is not too bad. The EOS M100 is far from perfect. The biggest omission is its lack of image stabilization, and it also can’t handle 4K video recording. If the latter is important to you, the new version of this camera, the EOS M200, was released in October 2019 and has 4K video support. It is slightly more expensive, but features 4K video as well as better autofocus. The M100 / M200 does not have a viewfinder, so you can only use the tilting touchscreen screen for composing, which can be a problem on bright days. But overall, the Canon EOS M100 camera is a great thing at this price point.


alt="Best Cheap Camera for Photography"

Panasonic G7

The Panasonic G7 ticks a lot of boxes. 4K video. Fold, fully artistic screen. compact design. Solid ergonomics. Even better, the price has come down substantially after the first hit in the market. No question, however, that even today the G7 is a strong contender for your next holiday. You especially appreciate the small size of the Micro Four Third Lens (the G7 uses MFT lens mounts), but also their relatively small value. Given that it is a mirrorless camera, the battery life will not be as good as you find on Canon or Nikon bodies. Never mind, extras are cheap and small. You can lust for the top end GH5, but the G7 can serve you just fine.


alt="Best Cheap Camera for Photography"

Nikon Coolpix B500

The Nikon Coolpix B500 is an affordable superzoom camera that we recommend for bloggers who want to take pictures of sporting events, wildlife, bird sightings and other things that are far away. One of the most unique features of this camera is that it uses AA batteries so that you can carry extra batteries during your adventures in remote locations. The B500 has a 16MP 1 / 2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor which allows it to shoot live pictures and record full HD video. It features a stacked back-illuminated technology that improves image clarity and quality when working in low light conditions. And with 4-Axis Hybrid Vibration Reduction (VR), you are assured of recording smooth and stable video during handheld shooting. The 40x NIKKOR VR zoom lens provides a 35mm equivalent focal range of 22.5–900mm, allowing wide angle cover for telephoto approaches. Another subject can be increased by using 80x dynamic fine zoom to double the camera’s reach. This allows you to capture excellent pictures and videos of outstanding scenarios for feature rich distant subjects.


alt="Best Cheap Camera for Photography"

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

Nowadays, instant cameras are rare. You more often see them as a feature at some parties as a means of taking real photos. In the world of digital photography and the Internet, such cheap but good cameras have become almost unnecessary. The Instax Wide 300 by Fujifilm is a kind of reminder of the time when we pressed the button and waited for the moment when we could capture the precious image. This model does not have particularly impressive features; The cheapest camera has a 95mm f / 14 lens with two focus areas. It is also equipped with an optical viewfinder. In addition, it has special controls that allow you to adjust the high and low tone of the picture. The camera runs on AA batteries and you cannot charge it via USB. However, you do not need to do anything extra as this camera can set, take and provide you with ready-made photos. After taking pictures, you can place them anywhere you want: at home, at work or even present them to your friends. There is nothing bad about social networks and the Internet about its limited capacity. By buying this cheapest camera, you will remember the good world of old photography. This is the value of this model.

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