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Best Photoshop App

Editing photos is like giving a finishing touch to a painting. Photos often do not look that good until you apply that finishing touch. Since most people use their smartphones to take pictures, we have shortlisted the best photo editing apps, using which you can take your photography to the next level.

alt="Best Photoshop App"


If you are familiar with Photoshop, you will find Pixlr easy and intuitive. Unfortunately, if you are new to image editing, you are on your own. Finding tutorials or help files for Pixlr is next to impossible. Although beginners will struggle with this program, experienced image editors will prefer Pixlr. It provides many features and faster image editing. One of my favourites is the one-click photo enhancement, which is included in the Pixler Express app.

alt="Best Photoshop App"


Took this list and for a good reason. This is possibly the best photo editing app for most users. Snapseed is bought by Google long ago, and it only got better from that point on. The application is highly intuitive, and comes with a ton of tools that you can use. Thanks to its algorithm, some automated editing is also a possibility, if you don’t want to work manually. If you decide to go down the manual route, you will feel that the experience the app offers is very good. Once you have selected the desired instrument or category, you will be able to use it. In some cases, more devices are packed together, and you can scroll between them by holding a finger on the display. For example, by rotating your finger left and right, brightness and contrast can be rotated while holding it down on the display. It is an excellent tool for photo editing, and is worth a try.

alt="Best Photoshop App"


The editor’s choice on the Google Play Store features Adobe Lightroom. It has over 100 million downloads with a 4.3 rating. Adobe Lightroom takes up 79MB of your Android device’s storage. The application lets you control the details with selective editing. The impressive feature of this app is that you can apply brushes or enhancements, turning figures into silhouettes in your photos. You can adjust grain levels and blur which can improve photos taken especially in low-light conditions. Adobe Lightroom is for those who are not just into casual photo editing. You can also make your Instagram game available with Toolroom.


Those who do in-contact product photography, VSCO is called the best image editing app. Using it, you can give a little vintage, sepia or warm look to your works. Unlike other Photoshop applications on my list, where filters are very intense, VSCO filters are more gentle and subtle. Many of them have a soft, faded feeling. Each filter provides customizable saturation, contrast, and brightness settings. For photo post-processing, the image editor is between Instagram and the far more advanced Snaps version. You can edit images and publish them to your profile.

alt="Best Photoshop App"


Afterlight is a full-featured photo editing tool for iOS and Android. At just 99 cents, Afterlight is a nice addition to your iOS device or Android phone. You are sure to find the price tag for one of the most powerful photo editing systems for mobile devices. With Afterlight, you can crop, rotate, flip, or straighten an image with just a few clicks. You can also apply the application’s standard filters, create your own, or download more filters to create the correct format for each photo.

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