Cinematography Techniques for Weddings

A marriage is one of the most special occasions in a person’s life. A lot of planning goes into making it a successful event. It is an occasion to remember and what better way to immortalize it than to have it all captured on film. However, you do not want just another boring video. With a lot of planning having gone into making the occasion a success, it is only fair that as much planning goes into putting together a unique film. We are talking about cinematography here. This is very different from taking a video. Cinematography involves a lot of creativity, it is an art and the resulting film is not just the capturing of an event, but tells a story and conveys the poignancy of the ceremony and celebration. The shooting technique and the image quality in cinematography are different to that of a video.

Here are some pointers:

    • Begin by attending the rehearsal. This gives you a chance to check out the place for the layout, the lighting and to plan how you want to take your shots.
    • Spend some time with the bride and groom to get an idea of what kind of shots they would like and who they would like to have in them. Most often they may not know exactly what they want, so do discuss the style of shoot you have in mind.
    • Get hold of the schedule of events for the day of the shoot.
    • If you are using more than one camera, make sure the settings of the white balance are synchronized. Discuss before hand as to which camera would cover which area.
    • Most importantly, make sure you have enough battery power and storage devices to see you through the whole event.
    • The bride and groom will start out from two different places and you will need to make sure that there are cameras in both locations.
    • Get to the venue earlier than the actual ceremony to be able to get pictures of the décor and the arrival of the guests.
  • Capture moving and spontaneous moments such as:

a) The intensity of emotions on the faces of the parents of the bride.
b) The smile on the bride’s face as the groom puts the ring on her finger.
c) The groom’s face as he waits for the bride to arrive.
d) The ring bearer kissing the cheek of the flower girl.

  • The most important part of putting the film together is the editing. Some of the special effects that can be used are:

a) A mixed media style of formats
b) A grainy documentary style
c) Sepia tones
d) Soft filters
e) Slow motion with soft music

  • Preserve the ambience of the occasion. Use fonts, colors and music that enhance the storytelling. It may be a good idea to use the color theme of the bridesmaid’s dresses for the fonts and titles.

Together with a lot of creativity and the tips given here, it is possible to create a memorable and poignant film of that special day of celebration, a film that will last to the end of time.

A wedding is one of the most special of occasions. Every couple would like to have that day captured like a film. There are Wedding Cinematographers in Delhi who offer their services for just such an event.

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